AC Milan prepares for the match against Frosinone
2023-12-02 02:15:05

AC Milan's coach, Stefano Pioli, spoke at a press conference ahead of the team's match against Frosinone. Pioli acknowledged the challenges that the upcoming match would present, stating that Frosinone is a strong team that will bring confidence and enthusiasm to the match. He expressed the importance of building on the team's recent victory against Fiorentina and the need to secure more points.

Pioli was asked about his lunch meeting with Zvonimir Boban, AC Milan's technical director, and how it went. He described it as a positive and constructive meeting that served as an additional motivation for him and the team.

When asked about the readiness of the young defender, Leo Duarte, for the match, Pioli commended Duarte's performance during the pre-season training and his participation in a friendly match against Real Madrid. However, Pioli remained secretive about whether Duarte would start the game or not.

Pioli was queried about his thoughts on recent comments made by Paolo Maldini, AC Milan's technical director, in an interview with La Repubblica. While Pioli declined to comment, he expressed his gratitude towards Maldini and Riccardo Massara, AC Milan's chief football officer, and stated that his focus is currently on motivating his players to win the upcoming match.

Regarding the approach to facing Frosinone, Pioli stressed the importance of displaying the team's style of play and executing their strategies effectively, particularly when without possession. He emphasized the need to be cautious of Frosinone's tendency to play long balls and the importance of reading the game situation to respond effectively.

On the topic of injuries, Pioli expressed his belief in a speedy recovery and the imminent end of the emergency situation. While Simon Kjaer will not play in the upcoming match, Pioli revealed plans to have him back for the next game. Despite the injury concerns in the forward and defensive lines, Pioli expressed confidence in alternative solutions and affirmed that the team's sole focus is on the match against Frosinone.

When asked about how the team can overcome their current challenges, Pioli stressed the importance of winning matches and delivering a serious, intense, and high-quality performance. He highlighted the impact of victory in boosting morale and maintaining a positive attitude, especially during difficult periods.

When questioned about whether he feels responsible for the team's current situation, Pioli acknowledged the responsibility of a coach but believed it was too early for a thorough evaluation. He urged the team to remain focused on the numerous matches remaining in the league, dismissing any notion that catching up to Inter Milan and Juventus is impossible. Pioli emphasized the unity within the team as their strength, particularly during adverse times.

Pioli addressed the issue of defensive problems and reassured that they have tried alternative solutions, in addition to Leo Duarte. He expressed confidence in finding a balanced defensive plan for the match against Frosinone.

Pioli was asked if he misses the presence of Paolo Maldini and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the team. While he acknowledged their influence, he emphasized the need for the team to provide answers on the pitch.Regarding Malik Djalo's injury, Pioli acknowledged his absence as a loss but stressed the importance of the team understanding the significance of fighting together as a united front.In response to how AC Milan can overcome their current struggles, Pioli acknowledged the difficulty in comparing the present situation with past challenges. He emphasized the need for the team to regain confidence and a sense of security, understanding that playing in a certain way will yield positive results.Pioli provided an update on Lucas Paqueta's return, stating that they are working hard to ensure he is ready for the match against Atalanta.When asked about Giacomo Olzer's progress, Pioli acknowledged his potential and praised his work ethic, affirming that he remains an integral part of the team.Describing Frosinone, Pioli highlighted their aggressiveness and stated that the team is prepared to counter their attacking threat. He emphasized the importance of outnumbering Frosinone during offensive plays and their ability to create difficulties for their opponents.The key factors for success in the match, according to Pioli, are concentration and determination.